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12 Lesser Known Best Beaches In The World

Bright Ellie - Lesser Known Beautiful Beaches in the World
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We all have those moments where we sit around day dreaming about our next vacation and where our travels will take us. Even better is when we get to start planning the trip and thinking about all the possibilities in the world of where to go next! While you are finding that perfect destination for your next big adventure, these are a few options across continents that are little more off the beaten path, but are absolutely breathtaking and worth consideration. As a bonus, we have included an Author’s Pick of some stunning swimsuits for women that will fit the mood and culture of each specific beach! If you have been bitten by the travel bug, be sure to write this down on your bucket list!


Beautiful Beaches In America

Sugar Beach, St Lucia

There’s a reason why everyone is sweet for this Saint Lucia beach! With sand as white and soft as sugar, the name lives up to the hype. Locals play live music on the beach and waterfalls surround the area making for a romantic voyage for couples. And we can’t forget the two World-Heritage Listed pitons that are volcanic plugs that surround the island - perfect for climbing or getting amazing pictures of them sunbathing on the beach! St Lucia is an island country in the West Indies situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

Style Tip: The Pearl Two Piece Striped Swimsuit is our fun take on the classic, striped swimsuit. A perfect pick for a simple, yet stunning beach as the Sugar Beach! Not to mention, you’ll look as sweet as sugar! 


Tahiti Beach, Bahamas

Being one of the most popular destinations in the world, the Bahamas are always a good idea! Amazingly quiet and romantic this isolated beach is located on the Elbow Cay Island. Being less exposed the beach has secluded shoreline with sugary white sands and pristine cool blue waters. If you want to experience the Bahamas without crazy crowds running about, Tahiti Beach is what you’re looking for. Go snorkelling and enjoy abundance of marine life while exploring the islands.

Style Tip: Prance around the Bahamas in a Bright Leaf Print Padded Bikini! Its tropical green and white leaf print will complete the ageless beachy vibe of your vacation. 


Red Sand Beach, Maui, Hawaii

As if you needed another excuse to travel to Hawaii! Red Sand Beach, or known to locals as Kaihalulu, is truly one of the best kept secrets among the islands. Surrounded by molten lava rock, it is no surprise that the sand is red colour solely because of the lava particles in it! Wear good hiking shoes because you will have to take a short hike up hills to get to it. Nonetheless, it will be worth the trek! 

Style Tip: What says “Aloha!” better than a vibrant and Floral Two Piece? With 5 different styles, any of these swimsuits are perfect for making a statement on this exotic Hawaiian beach.


Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California

Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe is idyllic with its crystal clear beautiful blue waters along the mountains. It is not your typical beach in the sense that it is a freshwater lake created by a glacier and surrounded by beautiful sky-high pine trees. Emerald Bay is the perfect place to go paddle boarding, hiking or kayaking.

Style Tip: The Coco One Piece Plunge Swimsuit is the perfect pick for diving into these serene waters.


Manuel Antonio Beach, Puntarenas, Costa Rica

One location that provides the perfect exotic paradise is the Manuel Antonio Beach. It is the perfect combination of beach and jungle and is a part of the Manuel Antonio National Park. While the beach itself is gorgeous, what makes this location one of a kind is all the wildlife you will see. Capuchin Monkeys, crabs and sloths to name a few will fill your day with amusement.

Style Tip: The Chloe Two Piece Tube Top Strapless Bikini in the white leaf coloring has the perfect tropical vibe for your jungle beach adventure.


Tambaba Beach, Paraiba, Brazil

Calling all surfers, Tambaba Beach in Brazil is the perfect spot for catching some waves. The cliffs surrounding the beach offer secluded inlets to enjoy some peaceful relaxation soaking in the sun. This beach is also legally a nude beach. Don’t worry if the nudist scene is not for you, the Northern end is the perfect fit for you where it is not reserved for naturism.

Style Tip: A Long Sleeve One Piece Swimsuit is what you will want to have with you for hitting those waves.


Best Beaches In Europe

West Bay, England

Made famous by the TV show, Broadchurch, West Bay in England is situated at the mouth of Brit River in Dorset and is part of Jurassic Coast which is a World Heritage Site declared by UNESCO in 2001. The coastline stretches to about 95 miles (150 kms) embedded with spectacular natural beauty and coastal scenery. Dating million years of the Earth's history the fascinating fossils and rock formations of the Jurassic Coast will never fail to amuse visitors.

Style Tip: Perfect for this surfing beach, the Long Sleeve Swimsuit is a heavenly match for active swimmers and surfers in the British waters. With a plethora of styles, you are bound to find a pattern that matches your adventurous energy!


Benagil Sea Cave, Portugal

A spectacular picturesque secluded escape the Benagil Sea Cave is in Algrave besides the Benagil beach located between Lagoa and Albufeira. With it’s arched cave entrance opening to the ocean, it is a destination unparalleled to anything else and one not to miss. Interestingly, the only best way to get to the cave is by a boat ride. Swimming is definitely not advisable as the water can get very rough due to under currents and quickly changing tides. You could also drive to the cave, however; you will be able to enjoy view of the cave only from top and look down on the beach.

Style Tip: The Charlotte One Piece High Neck Swimsuit is perfect for the adventures it will take getting to this secluded hideaway.


Navagio Beach, Zakynthos, Greece

What beach can claim that pictures of it are used as more stock photos in advertisements than any other beach in the world? Navagio Beach off the coast of Greece, of course! This pristine beach with remarkable beauty, rocky coves and sandy strips is also known as the Shipwreck Beach after a shipping vessel reportedly smuggling cigarettes and booze crashed into the scenic shore back in 1983. Being almost 5 times the size of Santorini, there is a plethora of things to explore on all the beaches. With its larger size, it provides more of an escape from clusters of people. Hike up the mountains to look down into the water and see exactly why it is called “Shipwreck Beach”!

Style Tip: Simple. Fun. Elegant. We’re sure a couple of ships will wreck after seeing you looking fire on the beach in our favorite Chloe Two Piece Tube Top Strapless Bikini!


Best Beach Holidays In Asia

Pink Sand Beach, Komodo, Indonesia

Now if you want a real Instagram-worthy beach photo shoot - come to the Pink Beach or Pantai Merah in Indonesia which is apparently one of the seven pink beaches on the planet. As if straight from an idyllic fairy tale, the beach is toned with pink sand and crystal-clear waters on the Komodo Island, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of the Komodo National Park. The National Park is home to the Komodo Dragons that are the world’s largest lizard who get their name from the island.

Style Tip: Any one of our Animal Print Bikinis is a perfect match to look like one with nature as you strut along the equally as gorgeous and unique Pink Sand Beach!


Monkey Beach, Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

Calling all animal enthusiasts - there is a reason why this is literally called Monkey Island. Not only are those silly animals a huge attraction, but so is the snorkeling in the shallow waters to explore the islands underwater habitats. Not to mention, but the boat ride to and from the island can be quite romantic with bae!

Style Tip: Although the monkeys can be sweet and cuddly, make sure there is no room for error if they pull on your swimsuit by wearing our One Piece High Neck swimsuit to the island!


Tikehau Island, French Polynesia

Talk about exclusive and secluded! Surrounded by nothing but clear, blue water and only a handful of other bungalows - you will receive nothing short of the most peaceful holiday of your life! Did you know that “Tikehau” translates to “peaceful landing”? Activities include picnics on a motu, bicycle tour of the village, and an unforgettable sunset cruise. What more could you need? Located in the South Pacific Ocean, French Polynesia is a set of islands falling halfway between Australia and California.

Style Tip:Two Piece Ruffle Bandeau Bikini is ideal for this wanderlust trip having a mix of tropical and classy - just like the Tikehau Island!


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